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Customize Your Coolest Cooler

Our Coolest Coolers are lightweight yet incredibly durable. These coolers have a rigid no-leak liner that boasts an incredible seat capacity of 250lbs on the 18 can cooler and 450lbs. on the 32 can cooler.  They feature three distinctly separate storage areas, an iced, refrigerated and dry storage compartments. 

The rugged exterior is stain and tear resistant with a puncture resistant no-slip bottom so they stay where you put them whether in a boat, truck or RV.  Ice lasts all day in our 18 can cooler and all weekend in our 32 can cooler.

What better way to complement your Coolest Cooler than with the Coolest Trolley.  A lightweight durable shopping trolley that supports 100lbs of weight. 

They feature an extra large gear bag and puncture proof tires that roll with ease over rocks, gravel or sand.  

It converts to a Coolest Cooler carrier in about 10 seconds to hold both the 18 can and 32 can cooler seats and still leaves room to stack two chairs.

Now you can customize your Coolest Cooler. Individualize your cooler with one of our cool designs that reflects your individual lifestyle.

Don’t forget to check out our variety of soft-sided coolers with their unique refrigerated pocket from a 6 Can Coolers to our 50 Can Collapsible Cooler on Wheels.  

We are also home of the original Grilln’Chiil grill and cooler combos.  Our grill and cooler combinations burn a variety of fuels from paper to wood or charcoal.